Another Sign That All Converstions Have Moved To Social Media

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As if we needed another reminder that Facebook, and the like, is where all conversations are happening on the internet, I recently updated the Social plugin from Mailchimp across my blogs and noticed something different. Where there used to be a limit on the number of characters when broadcasting a post to Facebook, suddenly it was showing me the entire contents of the post.

The significance of this is not lost on me. I can only assume that they implemented this change to enable bloggers and other content creators to just go ahead and post the entire message right over on Facebook, and allow the conversation around it to go ahead and just stay on Facebook, as opposed to coming over to the original blog in order to read the entire post.

An interesting change, and one that has probably been written on the wall for some time now. Let’s face it, people don’t so much browse the web or use RSS feed readers to stay informed as they hit up Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr to see what their friends are sharing. This is just another indication of something that has been ongoing for the last few years. The choice, as a blogger, is whether to accept that reality, or continue to tilt at windmills with only post excerpts showing up on the Facebook post? If you’re relying on ad revenue, I guess you have no choice bu to keep fighting the good fight, but I can’t help but wonder how long before no one clicks through any more, because it’s too much work. 😉

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