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Ian Landsman tried to launch heldesktalk.com as a forum to discuss help desk issues, but when that proved to be too much of a challenge for the amount of time he had, he brought in his dad to turn it into a blog:

The site will be original writing, but will also link to ongoings in the help desk world as well as relevant articles which appear in the mainstream IT press.

I have to say, for a blog that’s been in existence for two days, there’s already some interesting, and thought-provoking stuff on there. Definitely worth a subscription for all you folks dealing with help desk stuff!

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  1. Interesting info, for sure. But I have to say, it reads a little oddly for me. The posts seems to come across as miniature essays versus a voice from the helpdesk itself. Sort of “self-help” articles for help desk personnel I suppose. The authoritative tone used though doesn’t seem to lend itselve to a conversation.

    So I guess the question is… are these meant for conversation?


  2. Good point KHDevin. I think we’re still finding our voice, but even posts which are more essay in style are often worthy of discussion. Just ask Paul Graham or Joel Spolsky.

    We’ll also want to make HDT a resource for information so it won’t be a totally traditional blog which is focused on the musings of a single person. Instead they’ll be original writing, but also links to articles, conferences, and other things going on in the community. I’ve never been able to find a blog that really focuses on just the help desk world as a whole, so we decided to build one.

    We’d also like to include posts/articles from outside authors so if you’re interested in that we’d love to hear from you.

  3. Cool… thanks for the clarification Ian. I’ll keep an eye on it and chime in when and where need by. I think this might be a nice resource for help desk folks.


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