E-Discovery Reading Room Blogroll OPML

I mentioned the E-Discovery Reading Room site the other day and even suggested it’d be cool to have their blogroll put out as an OPML file for everyone to just load up in Google Reader or some other RSS feed reader. As it turns out, the next day I got an email from someone affiliated with the site asking about that, so I went ahead and created an OPML file for it, and passed it on to them. 

Since, I was creating it, I thought I’d share it with you all as well, so go ahead and grab the OPML file and import it to your favorite RSS application. 

Do note though, that it is slightly different than their blogroll list in this way.  Since Craig Ball is basically blogging at EDD Update, I just have the EDD Update feed in here, knowing that would include Craig’s blogging. Also, the Sedona Conference, while having a wealth of information, doesn’t appear to have a feed that I could subscribe to. So, there’s no way to include them in an OPML file.

Enjoy, and happy reading! 

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