Upgraded to Snow Leopard

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There I was, in the Apple store picking up a couple of gifts for Christmas, when my eyes wandered over to the Snow Leopard upgrade. I hadn’t given it too much thought before this, mostly I hadn’t seen anything that I really felt was an earth-shattering improvement and worth making the effort to upgrade. Yet, the magic of the Apple Store made me pick it up, and seeing that it was “only” $29, and since I was in the distortion field, of course I bought it! 😉

Anyway, I upgraded in place, and found some problems. Oh wait, seems there’s another 500MB of updates available from the Software Update servers, probably should have checked that before I started running programs, eh? OK, that seems to have taken care of any issues I was having, and things do seem to be back to normal.

So now that I have Snow Leopard, and am outside the distortion field, what are the “highlights” of Snow Leopard that I haven’t found yet? What’s your favorite thing about OS 10.6, your problems, etc.? Do share with the Snow Leopard newbie.

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