Using aspcomments on Windows 2003

Thanks to a tip from Sikko2Go (an interesting monicker, to be sure.), I was able to get the comments emailed again. For those of you keeping score at home the relevant changes are:

Change “CDONTS.NewEmail” to “CDO.MESSAGE”

Change “mail.Body=MailBody” to “mail.htmlBody=MailBody”

Take out the next line “mail.importance=1”. – I’m not sure if there’s something you can change it to but I made the first two changes and this line was throwing up an error about “importance” not being a supported item so I took it out completely and everything works fine and dandy.

I’m still resolving to the old host at home and work, emails seem to be going to both places depending on the sender and comments are a bit wonky depending on which one you’re resolving to, (including Angela’s comments which are hosted here) so again, don’t expect too much blogging for a few days!

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