More Finnegan Pictures

Just put up pictures from the weekend in Dayton on Finnegan’s blog. We had a good time checking out both the Air Force Museum and the Egyptian exhibit at the Dayton Art Institute.

The week got off to a crazy start after that though. We have 3 helpdesk people and aside from taking all the helpdesk calls, we’re also in charge of doing user training. Today we had a group of new folks start, so we had people off doing training for parts of the day, leaving the helpdesk staffed lighter than usual, on a day when it seemed every call was a long, convoluted, problem.

During the day I also added a few items to my to-do list for this weekend’s stop at my old job to do some consulting work, and learned that the website RFP we did for the Friends of the Library is going to have to go back out and the process is going to have to start all over. Turns out we didn’t get what we were hoping for, and some of the details are different than we thought when we first went out. The only fair thing to do is amend the original with the new information and send it back out.

So much for having some free time, eh? Good thing I’ve got that wiki on my thumb drive to help keep me organized too!

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