Week in review

I tell you, working for a larger organization, supporting 10 times the number of users I used to support and supporting a wider variety of tools, sure keeps you on your toes. This week I spent time battling a spyware infection, troubleshooting Word macros, Excel formulas, PowerPoint graphics, Outlook options, printer connections, and Acrobat Reader difficulties. I also took time to figure out a monitor problem, upgraded some Blackberry software, burn a few CD’s, and still managed to spend most of my time answering questions and doing deskside training on various parts of the document management system.

Of course I also spent my lunch hour today at my old office. I grabbed my sandwich and headed dwon the street to handle some sudden changes they needed in terms of network account access while I tried to eat lunch. I’m sure you can figure out why someone would need an account’s access changed immediately, so I won’t say more about that, but there’s something just wrong with the fact that they have to call in someone who doesn’t work there anymore to do that sort of thing.

I definitely made the right choice in getting out of there.

I also, finally, figured out a way to keep organized. I’ve talked before about how I used OneNote at my old job to keep all the various lists of things I needed to do, and information I needed, and kept the notebook synced with my laptop so that I had that information with me all the time. Well, at my new job, there’s no OneNote, and I don’t carry my laptop back and forth to work anymore. I do have a thumb drive though. So I grabbed a copy of the GTDTiddlyWiki and started using it to keep myself organized and design it to keep all that information on the thumb drive at all times. So far, I’m really liking it.

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