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Thanks for all the suggestions on a new name. Turns out that rather than just go with one of those suggestions, I’m leaning toward combining two of them and thusly, giving away two PC World subscriptions, assuming that Toby, who left one of those suggestions, will take the time to send me an email so I can reach him!

More info on the plans when I find time to come up with a new logo and do some actual work!

Speaking of time, as most of you know, I’ve been much busier doing consulting work for my old job than I had ever anticipated and it has really, really limited the amount of time I have to work on stuff I want to do. One of the things I haven’t had time to do is write for the 2guys2cities site. I just sent off an email to the site owners about that fact, and letting them now that at least for now, I was going to have to stop. I know they are looking for writer’s willing to make a certain commitment to having content and I am just not able to live up to that commitment right now. The door is still open to doing some writing on there in the future, which I was glad to hear, but I need to focus my energy on other things right now.

I’m really looking forward to only having one job again. March can’t come fast enough.

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