The Trip So Far

Just a couple of notes from the first part of the long time away from home and normal routine. We drove down to Roanoke, VA for my cousin’s wedding, taking advantage of the time to explore around the Roanoke area, visit with some of Angela’s friends and family before going to the wedding and seeing a bunch of my family. It was pretty full, but I did want to point out a couple of neat things. First, if you find yourself in Roanoke, take some time to visit the Link Museum. We were blown away by the photography of O. Winston Link, a native Brooklynite like myself, who spent much of his time documenting the last days of the steam locomotive around this area of the country. The photos are really something in the way they capture not only the trains, but the integral part the trains played in the communities surrounding the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Secondly, my cousin’s wedding was at Sundara, in Boone’s Mill, VA just south of Roanoke. It was such a pretty place for a wedding, right at the foothills of the mountains, in the early evening sunlight. I didn’t get to take many photos of the setting, being busy catching up with aunts and uncles I haven’t seen for years, but I think Angela managed to snap off a few. Perhaps after she gets home tomorrow she’ll post a few.

As for me, I boarded a train early this morning in Lynchburg, VA and am now in Washington, DC for the ILTA09 conference. I’ll be blogging/tweeting what I learn, and even speaking on using social networks professionally on Weds. morning, so I’m sure you guys will hear from me a little bit this week. 🙂

If you’re here for ILTA, stop me and say hello!

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