Applying Technology to Defeat Child Abuse Webinar for Law Enforcement

If you’ve been around here much, or know me well at all, you know how important the issue of child abuse is to me.

That’s why when I see the company I work for putting on a webinar like this one, it kinds of makes me really happy.

Applying Technology to Defeat Child Abuse
Thursday May 28 | 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST

Child protection and law enforcement agencies must handle large and growing volumes of multimedia files in their efforts to catch perpetrators and identify and rescue child abuse victims. Through a partnership between software vendors NetClean and Nuix, agencies can now streamline the workflow for extracting, analyzing, categorizing, and investigating the sources of child abuse material, helping to identify and build a case against the perpetrators and their associates.

Join us for a webinar designed specifically for government professionals. We’ll walk you through how to effectively use this enhanced technology to manage your in-house investigations.

If you work in law enforcement and want to learn more, feel free to register.

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