Social Media Lesson, Some People Don’t Deserve Your Attention

As a sports fan, and a follower of various sports blogs, last week served as yet another reminder that no matter what happens in the world, there are some people on social media who will have reactions to it that are not worth paying any attention to.

In this case, it was a small minority of Chelsea fans who seemed to take delight in the death of former Manchester United Star Rio Ferdinand’s wife.

99.9% of Chelsea fans have distanced themselves from these despicable low-lifes but it’s sad to think that the world we live in contains such monsters.

And really, isn’t that the point. There will always be those on Social Media who really just don’t deserve your attention. You can learn a lot from following people who provide you with useful information, thought provoking ideas, and those who simply want to pass on knowledge, or you can spend your social media time dealing with the drama of idiots who feel the need to spend their days engaged in absolute hatred for kicks and giggles.

You choose who you follow on Twitter, and Facebook, and everywhere else. Choose people who make the experience better, not worse.

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