Red Letters Spelling out Fake

AI Produced Images and Reality

I saw this latest example of images being used to make a political argument, but the images were not real.

Fake AI Images of Paris Covered in Trash Go Viral

There are more details and a link to a detailed view of the photos at the link above. In essence, a Thai TikTok account took these AI-generated images and shared them as propaganda against France, and maybe the West in general.

“A Thai-language text sticker reads: “This is what the French capital city, Paris, looks like. The dream city… now turned into this in reality.” While the caption reads “The government invested money in war.”

There are also a number of comments to the original post supporting such a view. Of course, just because someone leaves a comment doesn’t always mean there are real people agreeing with the poster. It’s silly to assume there aren’t thousands or millions of fake social accounts out there acting in a coordinated way. We’ve seen this before.

Be skeptical. Learn how to identify AI-generated images, and look for inconsistencies. And, always identify who benefits from your attention on these posts.

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