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Linked – It’s Time to Face the Three Challenges of Learning

Lynda identifies three challenges. I think there might be more, but let’s take a look at her three. (Further descriptions and the three things she sees leaders doing to overcome them are in the link below.):

1. Increased workloads have reduced learning time.

2. Hybrid work has increased the complexity of learning.

3. A tightening labor market has brought skill shortages.

In a way, these are all related. For many industries, labor shortages have created staff shortages, decreasing the time available for learning new skills, they’ve forced employers to make flexible working arrangements available, and it’s making the likelihood of finding someone who already has all the skills to do the job without the need to learn impossible.

I’d also add that as much as our workplaces and technology change, the idea that you can find anyone who won’t need to continue to learn is a crock no matter how skilled they are when you hire them.

That being said, this isn’t going to change. If the people who work for you aren’t continuously learning your organization is going to fall behind competitors who are learning. The folks who want to learn will end up working for those competitors. You’ll be left with a group of employees who are comfortable doing the same thing they’ve always done and aren’t interested in learning anything new.

Is that what you want in the workforce? If not, then figure out how to make learning possible. It can be done, but it won’t happen if you don’t intentionally create learning opportunities.

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