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I was out of town recently, spending a long weekend in Virginia due to my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. Usually, when I’m out of town, and especially when I’m spending time with family, I don’t spend much time on my laptop. This particular trip, I didn’t spend any time at all on my laptop, preferring to keep connected to the world through my iPhone.

The interesting thing that I noticed, is that I was more concerned with looking at Facebook than I was Twitter. This tells me a couple of things. First, that Facebook has become the easier of the two to drop in and see what people are talking about when you have limited time. Secondly, it also hints at the fact that the people I follow on Facebook are more important to me than the ones I follow on Twitter.

Specifically, what it shows me is that Twitter has become a source of news, especially professional news, while Facebook has become the place I keep in contact with friends, family and coworkers. When I’m on vacation, the professional news gets put aside more than the connections I have with people. Granted, much of the Facebook interaction was pre and post-party messages being shared with my cousins as we came together and then all went our seperate ways again, but I suspect that even had that not been the case, Facebook is quickly becoming the place I choose to look at first, which is somewhat surprising to me.

Do you find your social network of choice changing? Why, or why not?

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  1. Agree 100%. I keep finding that I”m 100% caught up on Facebook because my connections are (almost exclusively) personal, whereas my Twitter is to follow interests, including friends.

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