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The latest trip to Richmond was not only a great time spent catching up with family I don’t get to see nearly often enough, it was also a chance to get out and shoot some photos. Coming back, it became a great chance to play around with the Lightroom 3.0 beta that I have been using, and since the beta period is going to be ending soon, what better way to try and decide if it might be worth buying than to play around with some of Lightroom’s features.

Downtown Richmond on a cloudy day Old Bridge Support

Of course, as I’m mentioned before, I love trying out different presets, and combination of presets, to create some interesting visuals to otherwise bland photos. Monday, being a rainy and overcast day in general, didn’t offer much opportunity to get very colorful images. Lightroom, however, offered some ways to use color, or the lack thereof, to my advantage, and I really like some of the interesting things I was able to do with photos.

Meanwhile, our trip Sunday to Yorktown was a beautiful and sunny day, which offered opportunities to try and capture just how nice the weather was, amidst the history of the place!

Cannon at Yorktown Battlefield Waterfront Grass

You can see more photos over at Flickr.

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