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Let’s get one thing straight. Graphics software and I do not get along. I take a digital camera picture, and then when I try to enhance it to, say, make up for the lack of natural light on an overcast day, I turn the picture into complete crap 90% of the time. Angela is good at that stuff, she has a ton of rather expensive graphics programs and can do all sorts of really creative and awesome things with it. I can’t. I start messing with all those tools and pretty soon I can’t even recognize the picture anymore. 🙂

Given that, I’ve always looked for something simple. Something that would make some basic adjustments to a digital camera picture without me having to mess around with it. Something that would, for example, take the pictures I took on a cloudy day in Montana and enhance the color that was there, I swear, but that didn’t come across in the pics very well.

I found it. Digital Camera Enhancer from The free version did wonders for the colors on those overcast landscapes, just by me telling it that it was a landscape pic. It did the rest.. The pay version ($35) has even more tools including a batch enhancer. Now the Yellowstone Pics have the color that’s been missing since I got home!

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