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Linked – Man faces off with alligator to retrieve iPhone with baby pics

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We’ve read about people selling their organs to get their hands on an iPhone, but I’ve never before heard of a couple willing to face-off with a live alligator for one.
That’s the somewhat bizarre situation a Florida couple found themselves in recently, however, when 24-year-old Anthony Larrimore dropped his iPhone while snapping pictures of an alligator in Fort Myers — only for the ‘gator to take a shine to the smartphone.

The only problem? The iPhone had pictures of Larrimore’s 10-month-old son on it.

You know what would have made a lot more sense, backing up your photos to a cloud service or some other device so you didn’t have to try and fight off an alligator for your phone, only to discover it got broken during the face off.

Seriously, turn on syncing to iCloud, Google Photo, Flickr, Dropbox, etc. There are a ton of options to have another copy of your important photos, don’t leave them on your phone assuming you’ll always have them. You won’t.


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