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On Kevin’s suggestion in the comments, I’m giving Google Reader another try. I tried the old version and really didn’t like it, but I decided to give it another shot after so many people talked it up so much after they upgraded. We’ll see how it goes.

The one thing I’m not going to change is the location of my link blog, that is staying over at Bloglines for now unless I get a lot of demand to start anew over at Google Reader. If you currently subscribe or otherwise look at my link blog, let me know what you think about moving it.

Of course if I try out Google Reader and can’t stand it, well there will be no moving of anything, but I’m open to trying it out and seeing how it works out!

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  1. I changed over to Google Reader and haven’t looked back; and funnily enough I just wrote a post about it this morning. Merry Christmas!

  2. I hope you’ll find that you’ll never look back once you give Google Reader two solid weeks.

    One suggestion on the link blog, why not move it to Feedburner? You would still have to “migrate” everyone once – but that would be the last time, regardless of the source you use. Feedburner would allow you to have a single feed url, but be able to change sources whenever you want – or even use multiple sources! 🙂

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