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Yeah so the new blogger gives me new stuff, a comments feed and I can use labels to generate a page of posts with just that topic (i.e. Blogging, and yes there’s a way to get a feed of just those posts too, for example see the FriendsinTech feed.), but it also just doesn’t seem to work in some ways too. Blogger has tags that are supposed to create links to existing comment, and comment per post feeds, but they, apparently, can’t find those feeds. I had to manually locate the comment feed, but I have no idea where the per post one is. (I wonder if these tags only work on blogspot?) It’s also already been pointed out to me that the “new” main site feed doesn’t validate. The old one did. It was RSS. This one is Atom, although supposedly you can get an RSS version by typing ?alt=rss at the end of the feed URL. Don’t know if that validates, but I’m betting not. (Update: Checked the feeds, for some reason the actual Blogger-hosted feed does validate, apparently something happens when publishing it to my server that causes the feed to become invalid. Maybe I should just redirect my local feed to Blogger’s? what do you think?)

One other annoyance, if I make a change to my template the only alternative I can find to publish that change is to republish my entire (2000 posts +) blog! The “republish index only” option has disappeared. Do you have any idea how long it takes to republish EVERYTHING?

Oh well, I’m still going to enjoy the labels. That’s at least one nice feature!

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  1. Not only does it take a long time to republish every page, it also marks every post as new, so readers re-download it again 😉

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