I’m done with Scoble

I probably shouldn’t have stepped into the hornet’s next that is Scoble’s comments today, but after reading his post about Flickr not allowing his kid into their, clearly adults-only party, I felt the need to point out that some of us appreciate the opportunity to go to an event and have adult conversations and company without a bunch of kids running around. Part of his response to me was “If you want an adult night out, go to a Playboy party”.

Apparently disagreeing with Robert’s “family friendly” policy means it’s open season for him to assume he knows what you’re real motives are. I’m done with your blog Robert.

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  1. I agree with you. As much as I love my daughter, sometimes you have to have a break. Whether it’s a movie, dinner, social gathering, etc., it’s nice to leave the kids at home once in a while.

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