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Seen at Geek News Central, Zoomr, an on-line photo-sharing service similar to Flickr is giving away free pro accounts to bloggers. That’s actually not a bad idea to generate some Buzz, especially when Flickr has really become the market leader and beaten you to that Buzz. When that’s the case, you definitely have to get creative in order to get attention.

On the other hand, I’m not going to check it out because I already have a free Flickr account for miscellaneous photos, as well as my own hosted photo galleries for larger collections. I simply don’t have time to set-up another photo sharing account and changing links to direct folks there instead of my current one, etc. That probably says something right there.

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  1. Thanks for the Zooomr tip. I signed up and then activated a pro account. I now have the ability to transfer up to 2 GB of photos a month, with supposedly no storage limit. Registration and setup were fairly simple.

    They also have a nice interface for choosing an image size when including a picture in a post. I’m hoping that I can set up different folders/slideshows to let family or whoever view particular sets of pictures.

  2. I signed up or it too – looks pretty neat although they are missing out on features in comparison to flickr (although the pro account features will be great for me).
    They’re currently under a DOS attack so waiting to see what version 2 will be like.

  3. Looks like a cool tool for the moment but more functionality would add interest points for those who want more than an online storage of photos whether it’s the basic or the pro version…

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