An update

As a quick update to the post about Internet bottlenecks. Our networking folks spent a couple of weeks doing random traffic captures, both inside the firewall and having the ISP do it outside the firewall. Nothing really significant was found, no malware tying up bandwidth, no one streaming video all day long, nothing at all out of the ordinary to explain an increase in traffic. Popular thinking now is that we’ve simply started to outgrow our bandwidth. That definitely a possibility, especially when you start getting download speeds comparable to a 56k modem on your connection! 🙂

So, they’ve now moved on to considering two solutions, increasing bandwidth combined with rolling out a proxy server. I think we’re headed in the right direction there, and I’ll be curious to what they end up using after it’s all said and done. I think right now, they are still evaluating options, so we shall see.

Tags: bandwith, proxyserver

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