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Did we really need another IM service? Of all the many things Google could build with all the IPO money they’ve gotten recently is this really one of the things that should be high on the list?

Are they in cahoots with the makers of Trillian, who’s free version won’t work with the Jabber protocol, thereby forcing folks who want to use Trillian to connect to Google Talk to upgrade to the paid version? Nah we won’t get all conspiracy theory about this, but I do wonder why I should care. There are already more than enough IM services that don’t interoperate, and I’m not likely to spend any more time using IM or IP Phone than I already do, so why should I care, Google?

I’m not putting another IM client on my machine, and I’m certainly not paying for an IM client for as little use as I get out of it, so I ask again, why should I care?

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