Last day

Yup, today’s the last day of work. I start my new job on Monday morning.

I’m currently working in an office with all my belongings packed up, with bare walls and bare desk space. The whole “moving out” look, definitely. There’s nothing like the feeling of killing off your own voice mailbox, your own email accounts, etc. It’s a bit surreal.

So the big question now is, if I’m not a one-man IT Department, what the heck am I gonna call this tech blog? Perhaps we’ll have a re-naming contest, and then a logo design contest once we have a new name. The possibilities are endless!

Just give me some time to settle into a new routine and then I’ll put some thought into it.

(BTW, when I typed the title of this entry, I was tempted to make it “Last Day, Capricorn 19, prepare to renew.” Major geek points to anyone who gets the reference, in-exact as it is.)

Update: Leave it to my readers to not only know the reference, but one of them, Gary, even found a WAV file of it. Which of course only goes to show how completely I mangled the actual reference!

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