Good morning!

So the wife was checking out Blogskins the other day and came up with a new 3-column layout for her blog. Her search inspired me to find a nice calm, comfortable skin for the Child Abuse Survivor Blog. So I got that going for me. The challenge now is to find a decent 3-column layout for this blog, and then adding back in all of the tweaks that are now along the left side but will be divided up and added on to, on both sides, in my dream blog. Now I just have to find the time for all of that tweaking, and getting around to changing the organization of the static pages of the site. I haven’t really been in the mood for that, maybe I just need an all-nighter some weekend? *L*

Speaking of my wife’s blog, she’s pointing out that Saturday is Stamp Out Hunger Day, where US postal employees will be collecting non-perishable goods along with delivering your mail. It’s a good cause, and as someone who spent a short time living on the streets and needing to eat donated foods, it’s something close to my heart as well.

In other news, well there really hasn’t been much of interest, at least that I’ve seen. Work has been rather dull too. My boss is on vacation, so there’s nothing new and exciting being thrown my way, mostly I’m just here doing the routine stuff. I did get to spend 5 minutes this morning unchoking the network connection to the printer, (No you really can’t send a 150 page .pdf with charts and graphs to the shared printer all at once, it chokes up the connection for everyone else!) but that was a simple enough fix. Some of the database stuff I need to do is on hold because of rampant stupidity. When a purchase/license agreement clearly states that this software is for internal use only, don’t act surprised when you can’t find anyone to sign the agreement and purchase the software after you openly talk about how you’re going to make it available on your website. I wouldn’t want my signature on the agreement either! Unfortunately it means were stuck with some outdated data until someone wakes up and realizes that we can’t put it on the website, drop the idea already! Grr.

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