More ISP junk

Well it defintely seems that our ISP has done some new things with their Spam filtering, but I have no idea what. I just got some things figured out in the last few weeks, like the fact that we couldn’t email anyone coming from an Asian host and they couldn’t email us, but now there’s a whole bunch of new places we can’t email. Some of these places come up as MX record errors using DNSReport’s mail test, other’s dont. Some of our email comes in, but at a delay, some of it doesn’t come in at all, some gets bounced, some doesn’t, and some come in without any problem, all depending on where they are coming from. I get similar results for outgoing email as well.

I’m beginning to think that if the 40% figure is accurate, our office is helping to keep the rate of undelivered email up!

Maybe we’ll just decide to get our own mail server and quit depending on someone else to do all this stuff for us? Yeah right, that’ll happen! 🙂

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