Training done..

I managed to live through teaching database class this morning. It could have gone better, but I guess I’ll live with it. I simply don’t do this sort of thing often enough to have the sort of grasp of the material and the personalities involved to make it much better than it was.

Now, I’m just tired. Not because public speaking or teaching is scary or intimidating, I spent quite enough time teaching Bible study to High Schoolers to have long gotten over the fear of public speaking I had when I was younger, and even though I haven’t done much teaching in years, it comes back pretty naturally once I get started. No the tired feeling comes from who I am and will never go away really. You know how they say the thing you have to understand about introverts is that socializing takes effort and makes them tired as opposed to the way it energizes extroverts? Well, for us introverts, standing in front of a classroom of a dozen people for 2+ hours is utterly exhausting!

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