Tired Monday morning

Wow, I’m exhausted, and it’s only 9AM. We actually had a good weekend, but a very busy, social weekend for us. Friday night we had my brother, sister in law and their three year old over to watch the HS football game that takes place across the street from our house this time of year. Saturday evening we had a coworker of mine over for dinner and conversation. (It was originally supposed to be two coworkers, but one had a “realtor emergency” in trying to sell his house and you know how that goes. *L*) Then yesterday I was over at my brother’s house this time, to watch football on the big screen with all 4 of my younger brothers and others, while Angela went with Bryan’s wife, Stephanie, and the three year old (Dylan) to the zoo.

That’s a lot of socializing for me in one weekend, and my personality type is one that gets very drained after being social. (It’s hard work for me to be social, it does not come naturally at all, even though most times I do enjoy it.) If you had seen me on the Sunday morning after Gnomedex you’d know exactly what I mean. I had a great time meeting and talking to people, but it wore me out too. Of course I left Des Moines at 9AM, so most people weren’t awake yet to see me, which I was actually happy for, since I was socialized out by then. 🙂

So, did I miss anything while I was out?

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