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Linked: Helping Your People Managers Manage a Hybrid Workplace

The three challenges in this quote exist in every type of work environment. In-office, hybrid, or totally remote, every team needs clarity, communication, and connection.

“In “A Guide to Supporting Hybrid Team Leaders,” Chris Coladonato offers guidance on how talent development professionals can help people managers maneuver three critical areas of work:

· Clarity of work and purpose
· Communication and collaboration
· Connection and cohesion”

Go read the whole thing for some really useful advice on how to address these in a hybrid environment, but even if you aren’t hybrid and your whole team sits in one room, don’t assume this exists just because they are all in one place.

I’ve worked in offices where that wasn’t the case. The team was all in one place, but there was little clarity of purpose or communication about what was going on. Without that, you’re dead. With it, even when everyone is remote and has never met, you’ll have a functional and productive team.

I’ve worked in several different environments over the years, and that has always been one of the biggest differences between a successful, productive, team, and one that isn’t.

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