Speaking of things to play around with

Last night I installed a couple more new things to the laptop. I installed the Greasemonkey Firefox extension, and grabbed a couple of scripts from the wiki. I’m not going to be getting into hard core changing of sites or ad-blocking, I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but I saw where a couple of the scripts add some nice things to Gmail and Blogger, like an autosave feature when you’re composing an email in Gmail, and I think those will be interesting.

The other thing I added was SpamBayes, not because Outlook 2003 isn’t doing a pretty good job of redirecting email but because it does not include an option to automatically mark email sent to the Junk E-mail folder as read and I really hate having that blue number of unread messages catching my eye when I glance at the folders only to turn out to be the junk folder! (The only option you get within Outlook is to show the total number of items or the unread items, I want neither for that folder!) SpamBayes will let me mark as read any email that gets sent to the Junk E-mail folder. Yes it’s a bit of overkill for the one small thing that bugged me, but it bugged me, and if using SpamBayes instead of the Outlook Junk filter will get rid of that annoyance, I’m willing to do it, assuming it doesn’t wind up taking too much effort to “train”.

We’ll see how these “toys” work out!

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