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Picked up this story at Download Squad the other day, about a Firefox Extension that will run an Internet Explorer engine inside one of your Firefox tabs. This is kinda cool if, like me, you work some place that uses Outlook Web Access, which runs much smoother in IE, or has an intranet site that requires IE for one feature or another. Now I can hit those sites without having to go to the trouble of opening IE. (Note that opening the IE-powered tab instead of IE does not mean you are safe from any IE security exploits. This is a convenient extension, not a security measure.)

I tried it on our OWA site tonight and it works really great. I’ll have to add it to Firefox on my work PC and see how the intranet stuff works come Monday.

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  1. I told my husband about your post on IE Tab since he uses Firefox almost exclusively, and he tried it. He said he liked it, except that if the page loaded has links that open a new window, those links don’t work.

  2. Anita,

    There is a right-click option added to “open link in IE tab”. Obviously not as easy but it will work until the designer builds-in an option to have links from an IE tab open automatically in another IE Tab.

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