Things I’ve noticed

Just a few things I’ve noticed while catching up with my blogrolls:

Brad is trying to get enough money to buy a Mac, and he’s auctioning off some stuff to do it.

I liked what Scoble and Doc had to say about the MacWorld news, not because I’m anti-Mac, but because they did a far job of pointing out the shortcomings of Mac’s new stuff. It seems that many Mac “zealots” are unable, or unwilling, to see anything negative about anything that comes from Steve and Co.

That said, Angela is looking forward to trying out the new iPhoto. Reports about it making burning to CD easier have gotten her hopes up about overcoming her biggest pet peeve with it.

Christine did a nice job of listing some job interview help links the other day. You can bet I was bookmarking those suckers last night. 🙂

Finally, Chris has a new design using a handwriting font and yellow, legal pad type background. Oh, I how wish he included full posts in his XML feed so I never had to visit the site again. Making things harder to read is not an improvement. I hope he doesn’t start a trend, there’s a reason why you don’t hand-write some things, especially when you expect others to read them. Yeah, it’s personal and cute and all of that, but it’s also amateurish too. But that’s just my opinion, feel free to disagree.

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