In my ideal world..

Since it seems that I’m getting some grief over not liking Chris’ new design let me tell you what I would like. (Well, first I’d like it if you’d get my name right! But I digress…*L*)

I would like it if I could set the font I want to use to read everyone’s posts. Or I would like it if everyone had full-length XML feeds for their blogs, then I could read all of their posts the way I want to, by tweaking my aggregator to show it to me in the fonts I like to read, whatever they may be. Then I could easily get your point, and if I feel the need to comment or just to look at more of the overall design of your space, I can. It’s all at my choice! For the record, you have that choice with this site. You could read it just in your aggregator and never make an actual trip to the page, and it wouldn’t bother me in the least little bit. You’d miss some stuff, and you couldn’t comment without making the trip, but it’s all your choice.

But, that’s not realistic, for a number of reasons. So, instead, what I would like, is for the sites I want to read to be easy to read. I realize that all of you out there want to make your blog more like your personality, and hey, that’s cool. If you’re graphically inclined to do that, more power to ya’. But do those of us who aren’t graphically inclined, who just want to read your words, a favor and make sure we can do that, easily! Unless your handwriting shows up easier to read than a Courier or Arial font, I don’t want to try and read it!

I don’t like Chris’ design because of my personal preference to not have to deal with handwriting. If you feel differently, go right ahead and say it. I’m not the final arbiter of good taste in the blogosphere, I’m just a single person with an opinion.

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