Thanks to a suggestion from Anita, I found a different referrer script that, while still not running locally, at least did include instructions on how to limit the number of characters it shows of a title. That should keep the table layout from getting screwy. I’ll tweak it as referrers start showing up and I get a better idea of how it’s going to look.

Also, while I’m thanking folks, thanks for the suggestions on what do do about using Movable Type and what-not. I have to admit, when I came to ReadyHosting, I was really looking for a quick switch to a host that provided reliable uptime and ASP/Access support. They’ve done that very well, I can’t complain too much. Because of the previous host’s downfall, I had to do that quickly and never really got a chance to think about the proper Perl modules or MySQL support. Heck, I didn’t even find out that I don’t have the ability to change file permissions on my own website until after I signed up. (I have to put in a support request!) When the time comes next year to renew, I’ll probably spend a bit more time looking at other options for hosting and blogging, but until then, we’ll get by. 🙂

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