Nice dinner

Got a surprise break away from the world of computers this evening. Some very dear friends of ours decided to have a surprise dinner a couple of days early for my birthday. Thank you, Mary and Howard, for a wonderful treat, and thank you, Angela for helping to arrange it.

They have just returned from a road trip to Texas to see Howard’s son, and talking to them got me pretty jazzed for the roadtrip to Gnomedex and beyond! (I have the whole week after the conference off work, I am planning the great tour of the Midwest! Stops in Des Moines for the Gnomedex festivities, Fargo, to see Jen, Nathan and new baby, and other stops to be determined. I’m still working out the details, but I can’t wait!)

And now, I need some sleep. I’ll catch up with the tech world in the morning!

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