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So, I’m still working on finding and fixing little bugs with the new hosting, but I’m really starting to look forward think about what I want to add to both of my sites. I’ve got a bunch more flexibility to do some different things now, and I’ve got a few ideas running around in my head, but I thought I’d take a minute to ask my readers what they want to see. What could I add to this site that would make you feel more like a part of it, and would continue with the idea of helping each other as IT folks? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I’d like spammers shot (preferably by clippy saying “hmmm – it looks like you are sending a spam – would you like to shoot you now or shoot you later?” with the only answer being now.
    I’d like $100 every time i comment and thirdly i’d like world peace…..

    oh – in this blog? The only thing that i realise that isn’t there is on individual entries – there is no back/next/home button. The only home navigation is to click on the weblog text in the main menu but it would be nice to hit next or previous.
    Cocomment support in the comments would be good too

  2. Actually it was only the pop-up keeping cocomments working, so I changed it to not using the pop-up.

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