A post with a bullet, or three.

* Firefox’s update went pretty smoothly on my laptop, it had one little hiccup on my work desktop. After restarting Firefox, the Clippings extension threw up a script error. Disabling Clippings and reinstalling it fixed the problem. BTW, Clippings is a very handy tool when your helpdesk software is web based and you find yourself with a handful of questions and/or solutions that come up fairly regularly. 🙂

* Don’t forget, Tuesday is patch day. Look for a couple of new ones, even a critical one.

* As the comments on the last post indicate, I made a slight change in the comments, switching away from the pop-up comment window in order to make it compatible with CoComments. (Note to Andy, your other suggestion isn’t possible with the way Blogger handles permalinks, I’d have to switch to another tool for that, I think. Maybe someday…)

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo, and keep those suggestions for new stuff coming!

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Funny how you mentioned updating FireFox – last week, I installed the IE 7 Beta 2 browser on my home desktop and laptop. The desktop install went well, and so did that of the laptop, at least it appeared so. IE 7 on the laptop isn’t working; I can launch it, but whenever I try to do anything, the browser will shut down. What’s more, the browser doesn’t appear in Add/Remove programs, so I cannot elegantly uninstall it. I have to chcek if I have a restore point near in time to this install. I tried reinstalling IE 7, but the installer sees no reason to update, so it won’t. Sigh. Perhaps I will reove IE-related registry settings. One more thing – I use 2003 R2 SP1 as my desktop OS at work, because I need a server OS, and IE 7 won’t install on it (because it ain’t XP!).


  2. Earl, check the radio button in Add/Remove programs to show updates. IE7 shows up as a Windows update.

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