It’s Saturday

Yes it is Saturday, and it’s springtime so I haven’t had any tech related news to blog about since I left work at noon yesterday. I still don’t, but I’m looking for suggestions. I’m thinking of taking this page and expanding it into a whole new section of the site, where each section of the page becomes it’s own page, and adding a “beginning Linux” page. Something like I did a while back with this page about setting up a website. Obviously, there aren’t enough sites listed on the page to make it into a new section, but I’ve got a short list of new ones that need to be added, and thought to myself “Duh, why not use the expertise of my audience and find sites that maybe I don’t even know about!”

So let’s see what you’ve got, give me your favorite destinations for “tech support” knowledge, be it general tech, Windows specific, Mac, Linux, etc.

You can leave a comment here, or list them in Forum system.

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