Not as useful as it could be.

SO I was doing my normal morning review of feeds to see what’s going on in the blogosphere when I saw a mention of a new utility on Slipstick called Outlook Central. According to it’s description:

Use Outlook Central to share calendars, contacts, journals, notes, tasks and email folders with other Outlook users without the need for an expensive server.

Now this is the sort of thing that comes up every once in awhile around the office. Mostly it involves talk of getting out own mail server, and having autoresponders, shared calendars, etc, but it never gets real far because of the expense. Anytime I see a mention of a tool like this one, I always want to go take a quick look at it, and see if it’s a fairly inexpensive solution, so I can have it documented for the next time this discussion comes up. Only problem is, there is no pricing information on the site. There’s a page to sign up to be a reseller, but no links to current resellers that might have a price listed at their site either.

Here’s a hint. I don’t want to contact you and go through the whole sales pitch, I just want to be able to get an idea of cost in case someone starts pushing the concept again. Since I can’t get that, I guess I’ll just skip it and move on. 🙂

Update: Wait, I found pricing information, about 4 links deep and in a PDF “Datasheet” about the product. On the other hand, $995 for a five person license, $495 for five more after that? Not exactly a cheap alternative to the “need for an expensive server”.

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