Monday Morning Quarterback

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was decent, I really lacked any inspiration or motivation to work with website stuff this weekend, that’s why there’s was so little blogging. Get used to it, I’m going laptop free to Boston next weekend, so there’s a 99% chance that there will be no updates between Friday afternoon and Tuesday morning. But there should be some cool pictures online shortly after our arrival back home, Angela will be armed with the digital camera, while I will be armed with my 35mm camera, so even if there is a problem with the CF card in transit (I doubt it), we’ll have pictures! More than likely we’ll have all sorts of different pictures and looks on the city and some of it’s attractions. (Something similar to the New York pics from October.) I’m looking forward to it!

In other news:

Eric, in response to my idea about an IM API:

Instant Outlining is a something of a start on this concept. It exists in addition to your main blog feed, though I’m certain there is (and most likely will be) a way to incorporate it into your main channel. Radio only for the moment though I’m certain that will change as well

I haven’t seen Instant Outlining, but it seems like it might be something that continues to grow and get more useful as time goes by. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Mike and others who have written, unfortunately I have absolutely zero knowledge about why THC and all the sites they host are unreachable again. They have been since late last week, without a word of communication, again. 🙁

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