OK, I’ve spent some time here complaining about the various things that my current host isn’t supporting that I’d like to try out, but it’s important that you understand that while these are annoyances, they are hardly my first priorities. At some point this year’s hosting deal will run out and I’ll take a long hard look at what I want to do and how I want to do it at that time. As of right now, I have a number of other issues with the site that I want to deal with, some reorganization of the static pages, some new static content, etc. I also have made a vow to myself to actually, finally, get some certification this summer, the A+ cert. being the goal for this summer, and then moving on from there to Network+, to ?? (Yeah I know, close to 5 years working in IT and I never bothered to get certifications, shame on me!) I’d also like to really, really learn ASP while I’m on a hosting platform that supports it. Obviously, studying is going to be taking up quite a bit of my time, and the expense of taking the tests, ($139 per test) the expense of my long road trip in August, and the expected expense of new glasses come Friday, (Vision coverage? What’s that?) also means that I won’t be having a bunch of extra $$ laying around to pay for anything more to use on the site. My already paid-for subscriptions to ReadyHosting and BloggerPro are going to have to do me for awhile. (Unless I sell a lot of stuff from the store! *L*)

So, as you can see, I’ll be plenty busy, and should have plenty of things to keep blogging about for the next few months. (Which will make up for the lack of interesting work I’m probably going to be doing all summer!) As always, I look forward to the discussions here and in the forums!

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