Funny holiday story

So where I work, we allow attorneys to work from home on a pretty regular basis, we’ll even go ahead and set-up their machines for them to use a VPN connection to our network, and Remote Desktop to work directly from their office machine. We also require that they have a firewall installed if they are going to be accessing our network. Again, it’s something that we’re more than happy to set-up for them, typically with the free version of Zone Alarm.

So it was with some frustration, mixed with a bit of comic relief, when we had someone show up after the long Thanksgiving weekend, asking us to re-do his set-up because one of his kids was home for Thanksgiving, having trouble doing whatever he wanted to do on-line, and uninstalled the firewall, AV, and VPN client.

We might have to start recommending people have one machine for their kids, and one to do their work with.

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