Google to the rescue

I thought I had broken my MP3 player. Actually, at first I thought there was something wrong with the battery charger. I charged the batteries, put a fresh one in the Muvo and turned it on. It shut right off. I tried another battery, nope. I grabbed a regular AAA instead of the rechargeables, still it shut off as soon as i turned it on. Finally I got the brilliant idea to plug it into the USB port of my laptop and see if I could read it. I could. So the device wasn’t completely dead. A quick look around Google though, showed me that I wasn’t the only one having this problem.. So I grabbed the latest firmware and followed the directions to upgrade. It took a few tries, mostly because the upgrade requires disconnecting the player and holding the play button down while you reconnect it, and it kept starting and turning off on me mid-process, but eventually I got the upgrade done, and the player seems to be working correctly.

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