Watery Graves

What is it, exactly, about Blackberry devices and water? We’ve had two users this week completely trash their blackberries by dropping them in water, one in a pool, another in the tub.

Of course, the real question I should be asking is why can you not put the blackberry down for awhile? Seriously, relax in the tub, sit out by the pool and leave the blackberry somewhere else!

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  1. That is very true. We’ve discussed this as the next logical place for one to end up, and we also decide that when it happens, they do NOT need to bring it in to us in order for us to replace it. We’ll take their word it doesn’t work. *L*

  2. Having had a worn out belt clip, and experiencing this, your idea is very valid.
    A few too many years ago, before PCs and Cell phones, I had my own business servicing electronics. It was amazing how much stuff can get dumped into TVs, I even had a good method to clean the boards, grain alcohol and a apprentice with a stiff brush…
    But I still remember cat P, that one I refused…

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