Oh yeah, the TPS reports…

OK, so I’m not actually doing TPS reports, because this isn’t Office Space, but I am doing database reports and month-end maintenance today, yay for me! They are about as interesting, although I suspect these reports are more useful, at least to our accounting people. Plus, I have a fast enough machine that I can run them in the background while I post to the blog, that’s not so bad. I used to not have a fast enough machine, so when it came time to run these modifications, I had to sit and actually watch it go through the numbers, because any other window would just freeze. Talk about boring!

I’ve heard through the grapevine that the new Mac system that I signed off on for our graphics person has hit a roadblock among senior management, who have different ideas about some of the peripherals on the system. The remarkable thing here is not that they have different ideas, but rather that they have yet to mention these ideas to me, to find out if they’re workable or not. I signed off on what we had hammered out because it would work, first and foremost. The new ideas I’ve heard through the grapevine, I’m not so sure would actually work. And even if they did, they add unnecessary complexity, which is never good! (I won’t bore you with the details..) We’ll see if these ideas ever get routed back to me or not. Don’t hold your breath.

Hopefully I’ll find some time to go back and browse through the forums at WebMaster World. I realize I’m probably behind the times, but I just discovered these forums the other day, and just reading through some of the posts and responses makes me feel like I’m learning all sorts of new website stuff. There’s really good stuff all over the forums there, definitely worth a read, but it may take me months to get through them all. *L*

Meryl points us to an interesting article on Google Bombs, or how you can wind up being the top result of a search term if other blogs refer to you with those words as part of the link. Of course it would take a conspiracy of sorts to actually make it happen, but it’s interesting. It still doesn’t explain the sudden upturn in people searching for “I’m a man looking for another man…” and winding up here, unless somewhere on the ‘net I’m being referred to as some sort of gay dating advice site. (Oh wait, just posting that is going to make it more likely they wind up here isn’t it? Sometimes search engine logic really sucks! *L*)

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