Dell update

I checked the Dell site last night to see how the production of my Axim X5 was going only to discover that they had shipped it on Monday, and that it had arrived at the UPS distribution center in Columbus yesterday evening. So it’s on schedule for delivery this morning!

Now I’m thinking that my agreement to not use my Christmas present until we celebrated the holiday with Angela’s parents the weekend of Dec 21-22 was a whole lot easier to make when the expected delivery date was Dec 18-20. When they deliver it on the 4th that agreement seems a lot more like torture. *L*

I’m comforting myself in the thought that I need to study for the A+ exams later this month and shouldn’t be distracted by having a new toy right now, but it’s not working thus far. πŸ™‚

Anyway, the real point of the post though, is to point out that Dell has apparently expected a surge in orders when they released and dealt with it to get things out the door ASAP. That’s to be commended. It’s not often you see a company getting commended in a blog for doing something right. Maybe this will start a trend!

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