Excuse the mess

I’ve been trying to get the RecipRoll from blogrolling.com to go into the table in place of the Gnomedex roll, since Gnomedex is sort of old news. But the RecipRoll, because it uses actual URLs, is a little too long to fit without changing the width of the tables to accomodate it. Not cool! I don’t have time to try and do that right now, so I simply took out the Gnomedex roll, moved some other things around and I’m going to just run the RecipRoll right in this post as my little “thank you” to the people who like what goes on here enough to blogroll me! (And yes, some of them are in my blogrolls already, others aren’t, either because they are off-topic to any of my rolls, they haven’t been updated in awhile or I simply haven’t decided which roll they fit into yet.*smile*)

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