Firefox upgrade

Just to see whether they got better at dealing with my pet peeve, I downloaded and installed the 1.0 release of Firefox. The good news, is that rather than having to download and reinstall all the extensions again, now the browser disables all of the extensions. Then, at first startup it checks for updates to those extensions that are 1.0 compatible and gets them for you. If the extension hasn’t been updated yet, it leaves it disabled and you can check later for an update to it.

The bad news, it didn’t find the update to the GoogleBar extension, I had to go get that myself. When I did, the new version of the Googlebar is, umm, a problem. All of the icons are repeated, leaving you with a search box too small to actually see what you might be typing, or have typed in the past. What I mean is, the toolbar is there, it has all the same icons across the top of my browser, but with a smaller text box. When I went to resize the text box, there wasn’t any room to move it into because the toolbar icons start over again at the end of the first set of icons. Three quarters of the way across from left to right is another text box, with the same icons continuing from there as with the text box on the left side of the screen. Gee, and this is the one extension I use more than anything else. Guess I’ll wait a couple of days and see if it gets fixed.

Update: completely uninstalling the Googlebar and installing the new version, rather than updating in place, fixed that problem.

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