Progress that I’ve made on the $0 budget intranet so far this week:

Installed SlimFTP for Uniserver plugin. Ran into that same old start bug that the 3.2 version of Uniserver had, however I discovered that just starting the FTP server from the .exe instead of the batch file works like a charm.

Installed WebCalendar. Started to try and create a Public Access calendar, one that could be used to reserve conference rooms, but kept running into “too many connection” errors. Turned persistent connections OFF in my php.ini file and that seems to have done the trick. Still troubleshooting why none of the emails for notifications or reminders are going out. A simple PHP mail script did send a mail, so I know using SMTP does work on the server, it’s just not working from within Webcalendar. I’ve got all the settings set to send email, not sure about this one, but also not sure it’s a big deal for conference room calendars. More work needed, obviously.

I’ll keep you posted!

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