No major surprises

Doesn’t appear as though anything major has been awaiting my arrival, with the exception of the failed hard drive that I already knew about last week. Replacement part should be in tomorrow so that will take care of that. I still have quite a bit of work that needs to get done over the next few days, but not having any major unplanned-for issues should make getting caught up no problem at all.

A word to the wise among you out there. When your IT guy has been on vacation for a week and a half, he probably has more important things to get caught up on than helping you decide what type of computer your daughter needs for college! Unless you really want to irritate the hell out of him, don’t stop by his office first thing in the morning on the day he starts back with those sorts of questions!

On the other hand, my boss actually came by and apologized for having to email me things during my vacation, wishing that I could have managed to not even think about this place during the whole trip. That was nice, it showed some understanding, it showed that she has a clue about how much I needed to not think about this place and get a break from IT work. She also gave me the go ahead to do some computer shopping for that new XP machine so that we can begin testing our existing apps with it. Getting new toys and learning new stuff always makes work more fun!

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